Academic Content

Megatrends in the global economy (Sergio Rebelo)
Globalizaton and rapid advancements in technology have dramatcally reshaped economies in recent years. This session looks at the impact of these megatrends on business and society. We will explore how globalizaton and automaton are affectng income inequality and consumer behavior; how changes to populaton demographics are impactng brand loyalty, labor costs and government spending; and how artficial intelligence istexpected to transform jobs, profitability and value creation.

Creating market value (Alexander Chernev)
A company’s market success is determined by its ability to create superior value for its customers in a way that also benefits its collaborators and stakeholders. Yet, companies often focus much of their atention and efforts on developing the tactical aspects of their offering, ofen overlooking the strategic aspect of the value creation process. In this lecture, we will discuss the key principles of creating market value and the alternative strategies used by firms to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

The business of happiness (Sergio Rebelo and Alexander Chernev)
What makes people happy? Drawing upon the positve psychology literature, this session unpacks the drivers of happiness and explores their implications for workplaces and business offerings. We will explore how to design work environments that make your employees happy, and how to create products and services that bring joy and delight to your customers.

Data analy/cs for managers (Miguel Matos)
Data and analytics can bring tremendous value to organizations – but it’s not always clear how to unlock that value. This session explores the applications of data and analytics from multiple angles. We will discuss how companies can use big data for competitive advantage and examine how predictive and prescriptive analytics can drive beger decision-making. We will also explore how to combine data, predictions and experimentation to unleash value for organizations.

Design for innova/on (Celine Abecassis-Moedas)
Innovation is an ongoing challenge for organizations, many of which struggle to find the right approach. This session outlines three different ways to design for innovation, based on the principles of design thinking, design-driven innovation and design management. We will use a range of case studies to beger understand strategies for effectively managing innovation design.